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The Power of Direct Marketing: ROI, Sales, Expenditures, and Employment in the US, 2009-2010 Edition
Product Code: 9495

List Price: $595.00
DMA Member Price: $345.00

In these challenging economic times, get access to powerful statistical evidence to fortify your decisions and justify your expenditures!

The Power of Direct Marketing provides top-line comprehensive analyses and forecasts from the DMA/Global Insight economic model on the impact of direct marketing across all industries and sectors of the economy. 

Emphasis on Short-Term Forecasts!

Recognizing that many businesses need to plan for the coming year, included are next-year forecasts, as well as current year data, five-year forecasts and historical context going back one year and five years.

Access the latest top-line data, highlighting:

  • Return on Marketing Investment
  • DM Advertising Expenditures
  • DM-Driven Sales
  • DM-Driven Employment
  • DM Impacts by State and by Industry

Plus, Brand New Content!

In the 2009-10 Edition, the Power of Direct includes for the first time Mobile Marketing and breaks down internet marketing into 5 channels.  As a result, the report slices data along: 

Data is broken down by channel, industry, and business model including:

15 major channels:

  • Direct mail (Non-catalog)
  • Direct mail (Catalog) 
  • Telemarketing
  • Email 
  • Internet Display Advertising
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Social Networkng sites
  • Internet (Other)
  • Mobile
  • Direct Response Television 
  • Direct Response Radio 
  • Direct Response Magazines 
  • Direct Response Newspapers 
  • Direct Response Insert Media
  • Other

52 major industry groupings

51 geographic regions

4 intended purpose categories:

  • Direct order
  • Lead generation
  • Retail purchase
  • Fundraising

2 major markets:

  • Business-to-Consumer 
  • Business-to-Business

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