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Behavioral Targeting: Optimizing Site Visits
Product Code: 9483

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Get Valuable Insight into Behavioral Targeting Practices Today!

DMA has designed this timely new study Behavioral Targeting: Optimizing Site Visits. Revealing the latest trends in this rapidly evolving field, this quick report will help you execute smarter marketing using behavioral targeting strategies by revealing the latest trends in how companies are using it today and will be in the future.

What is Behavioral Targeting?
Behavioral targeting helps marketers craft and aim online marketing to the characteristics of individual customers.  This emerging tool allows marketers to alter the content, offers and advertisements on their site based on the behavior of their site visitors, such as the pages they have visited or the searches they have made.  

What you will learn in this report:
This research report looks at some key measures of behavioral targeting, such as:

  • Purpose of Behavioral Targeting: Sales Generation, Customer Retention, Customer Acquisition, Brand Awareness, Brand Loyalty, Brand Perception
  • History of Behavioral Targeting: How long marketers have been using behavioral targeting?
  • Cost of Behavioral Targeting: How many marketing dollars should be allocated to behavioral targeting?  
  • Revenue from Behavioral Targeting: What is the percentage increase in revenue generated from the use of Behavioral Targeting?
  • Implementation of Behavioral Targeting:  What time frame and factors are needed in order to execute a behavioral targeting program?


This report also includes:

  • Additional insights using expert and practitioner interviews throughout the report
  • Bonus analysis by the web analytics expert Dave Rhee

Explore the Intelligent World of Behavioral Targeting Today!

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Introduction and Table of Contents
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