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Future of Direct Marketing
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What is the Outlook for Direct Marketing in the Short and Long Terms?

This timely DMA publication provides insights from 35 well-respected direct marketing leaders in the direct marketing community on the future of direct marketing and their industry. The experts come from a wide array of channels and industries. 

You will be the first to explore each leader’s unique perspective based on their experiences and expertise including questions such as:

  • Where will direct marketing be in five years and ten years?
  • How will different industries change during this time?
  • What preparations should be taken facing these uncertain economic times?
  • What is the impact of the recession on direct marketing?
  • What is the effect of the election of Barack Obama as president?

You will find elaborate opinions on topics such as:

  • Measurable and accountable marketing
  • Traditional DM versus digital marketing
  • Integration of channels
  • Future of the marketer-customer relationship
  • Marketer’s preparation for the future
  • And much more!

Responses are categorized alphabetically by industry. Industries include:

  • Academia
  • Agency
  • Analytics
  • Business Services
  • Catalog/Retail
  • Creative
  • Database Services
  • Direct Mail
  • Economic Forecasting
  • Educational Services
  • Email
  • Insert Media
  • Interactive Marketing
  • International
  • Marketing Consultant
  • Media + Publishing Industry
  • Production
  • Social Media
  • Technology Provider


Some experts' quotes:

  • “Consumerism will [also] drive legislation and self regulation,” Direct Marketer.
  • “Technological advancements will ensure you can soon compare prices from the checkout counter if you want,” Digital Publisher.
  • “…‘Direct marketing’ and ‘advertising’ become one and the same,” Government Official.

See what industry leaders think will happen in direct marketing!

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Introduction and Table of Contents
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