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Loyalty Programs: A Cross-Industry Analysis of Usage and Effectiveness
Product Code: 9470
Publisher: DMA
Date of Publication: August 2008

List Price: $445.00
DMA Member Price: $245.00

"Should I stay or should I go?"

This is the real question customers are asking themselves when making everyday decisions: which credit card to use, which grocery or drug store to visit, or which airline to fly. The question you should be asking yourself is:

"What can I do to make sure my customers remain loyal to my brand?"

DMA's new in-depth report, Loyalty Programs: A Cross-Industry Analysis of Usage & Effectiveness gives you the lowdown on customer loyalty programs.

For each segment, you’ll learn:

  • Why organizations use loyalty programs
  • What types of programs are used
  • Whether most programs are free of charge or have a fee attached
  • And much more!
Get answers to your most pressing questions:
  • What is the average percentage of customers enrolled?
  • Which industry segment has the highest percentage of customers enrolled?
  • Does this industry segment also have the highest percentage of active users?
You’ll also find top-notch commentary and data from Colloquy — a key supplier to the loyalty marketing industry. In addition, ECHO Award Winning Loyalty Marketing Programs will be analyzed in case studies relating to the segments covered.

Industries Include:
- Retail/Department Stores
- Grocery/Supermarket
- Hotels & Restaurants
- Banks and Credit Cards
- Catalog/Mail Order Companies

Program Types Covered:
- Cash Back
- Points for free travel (excluding miles)
- Airline miles toward flights
- Gift Certificates
- Points to be redeemed in store
- Discounts/Special Pricing
- Exclusive access
- Upgrades

Ensure your customers are coming back for more when you order your copy of Loyalty Programs: A Cross-Industry Analysis of Usage & Effectiveness today!

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Introduction and Table of Contents
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