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Catalog Design: Methods and Strategies to Increase Sales
Product Code: 9465

List Price: $345.00
DMA Member Price: $195.00

Is your catalog getting the response and results you need?

DMA is proud to announce its release of Catalog Design: Methods and Strategies to Increase Sales. This research will give you the information you need to discover what your competition is doing, with what frequency, and most importantly - the effectiveness of their tactics.

Did you know:

  • Almost 75% of respondents track previous catalog sales to help determine the amount of space a product is given in the next catalog.
  • Seven out of every ten respondents said that their primary channel is a traditional paper catalog with website catalogs coming in as the second most popular channel with 24.3% of respondents.
  • The majority of respondents find using a grid layout to be most effective.

You’ll have access to these tidbits and a wealth of additional statistics and findings to better your catalog layout, creative, and response.

Plus, you’ll also find answers to these questions:

  • What tactics are most used to increase average order size? Which are the most effective?
  • Are different size catalogs more effective than others?
  • How many items, on average, are displayed per page and what is the effectiveness of this number on increasing sales?
  • Which incentives are most often used and what is their effectiveness on increasing sales?
  • Photography vs. illustration – which is more effective?

Get your copy of Catalog Design: Methods and Strategies to Increase Sales and start learning everything you never knew you needed to know about catalog!

Purchase this report along with State of the Catalog Industry for a 360-degree view of the catalog industry. Order both reports together and save 25%!

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Introduction and Table of Contents
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