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Direct Mail Best Practices, Benchmarks, and Strategies
Product Code: 9469

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Are your DM Practices Making Perfect Promotions?

Get the insights you need to create more effective DM promotions in today’s challenging economy:

  • Benchmark your current practices with those of others — whether you market to businesses, consumers, or both
  • Discover brand new data on DM campaigns being used for customer retention and acquisition
  • Get up-to-date information on which media are most used and which response channels are most effective
Get answers to your most pressing questions:
  • What are the most common contact schedule strategies?
  • Which functions (list management, creative, etc.) are handled in-house and which are outsourced?
  • What types of list cleaning tools are used by respondents?
  • Do most companies test their DM campaigns? How often?
  • How is direct mail most often used for customer acquisition vs. retention?
This report includes a wealth of information on topics such as:
  • Purpose of direct mail campaigns: Direct order, lead generation, retail purchase, fundraising, customer acquisition & retention
  • Mailing practices: Contact strategies, use and purposes of lettershop or printer, whether certain functions are performed in-house or outsourced
  • Testing of campaigns: Amount of testing done and elements of the campaign that are tested
  • Areas of concern: Managing costs, use of online vs. offline campaigns, consumer reactions/responsiveness to direct mail, government regulation
With the extensive amount of data we received, we were able to break out many of these statistics by company size, volume of direct mail sent, and B-to-B vs. B-to-C marketing.

With responses from all types and levels of direct marketing professionals, this is the report for you!

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Introduction and Table of Contents
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