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Direct Marketing Facts & Figures in the Computer & Electronics Industry
Product Code: 9441

List Price: $240.00
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Maximize your marketing dollars in the ever-changing Computer & Electronics  industry

Are you or your clients primarily involved in manufacturing and/or assembling electronic computers and computer peripheral equipment? If so, Direct Marketing Facts and Figures in the Computer and Electronics Industry has you covered with analysis of current expenditures, sales and employment figures, and much more for direct marketing channels in your industry.

The report includes an overview with summary charts for DM Expenditures, DM-Driven Sales, and DM-Driven Employment. Subsequent chapters cover different media channels including:

- Catalogs
- Direct mail
- Insert media
- Commercial email
- Internet marketing
- Print media (newspaper and magazines)
- Broadcast media (DR Television and DR Radio)
- Telephone marketing

Each chapter looks at three key areas:

- DM Advertising Expenditures
- DM-Driven Sales
- DM-Driven Employment which aggregates advertiser employment and seller employment

Each area has two distinct break-outs: market and intent of offer. The market portion compares business and consumer markets. Intent of offer compares retail purchase, lead generation, and direct order.

Direct Marketing Facts and Figures in the Computer and Electronics Industry gives you the data you need to both benchmark your current direct marketing campaigns and anticipate and prepare for new trends in direct marketing practices.

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Introduction and Table of Contents
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