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Direct Marketing Facts & Figures in the Health Services Industry
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Keep your finger on the pulse of the health services industry with Direct Marketing Facts & Figures in the Health Services Industry

If you’re a hospital, nursing home, HMO, physician, or other health service provider doing direct marketing, then this highly-focused report will provide you with the data that you need to both benchmark current direct marketing campaigns and to anticipate and prepare for new trends in direct marketing practices.

The research presented looks at health services direct marketing from three different vantage points:

  • Part 1 presents self-reported marketer choices and response rate statistics
  • Part 2 reports comprehensive data on the economic impact of direct marketing by the health services sector, and includes information on advertising expenditures, sales, return on investment, and employment
  • Part 3 describes a case study on SecureHorizons a 2007 Bronze ECHO Award winner

Check-up on your organization when you uncover answers to these questions:

  • What percentage of health services marketers use direct mail in their direct marketing campaigns?
  • What percentage of campaigns are multimedia?
  • What is the response rate for direct mail to existing customers?
  • Are email response rates higher for prospects or existing customers?
  • How will direct marketing expenditures rise over the next five years?
  • How will the use and need of online channels grow over the next five years?
  • Which marketing channel currently receives the largest amount advertising spending?
  • Is spending on online media growing faster or slower than offline media?
  • From which channels will the growth in DM-produced sales be generated over the next five years?

Breathe easier when you learn the most up-to-date trends and forecasts for the future with Direct Marketing Facts & Figures in the Health Services Industry.




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