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Direct Marketing Facts & Figures in the Insurance Industry
Product Code: 9438

List Price: $195.00
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Ensure that You’re Getting the Latest and Greatest in Marketing Trends for the Insurance Industry

Direct Marketing Facts & Figures in the Insurance Industry provides direct marketers in this industry with the data they need to both benchmark their current direct marketing campaigns, and to anticipate and prepare for new trends in direct marketing practices.

The next five years could prove to be a challenge throughout the direct marketing community, but using this highly focused report will put you in a position to predict how to make it through the twists and turns and keep you on the leading edge of your industry.

You’ll find answers to your most pressing questions about what is expected from now until 2012 including:

  • How are DM-driven sales, employment, and DM-driven advertising expenditures expected to grow?
  • How are insert media advertising expenditures expected to grow annually?
  • What media type is expected to have the largest growth?
  • How will DM-driven sales and DM-driven employment grow for internet marketing?
  • How are DM-driven advertising expenditures in telephone marketing expected to grow?
  • What trend is DM-driven employment in telephone marketing expected to take?
  • How are print DM-driven advertising expenditures and broadcast DM expected to grow annually?

If you want to know where do insurance carriers and agents rank among the highest grossing industries in sales volume then look no further – your answer can be found right in this report!

No one knows the all of ups and downs that the insurance industry could take over the next five years, but armed with Direct Marketing Facts & Figures in the Insurance Industry you will be more prepared and remain ahead of your competition.

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Introduction and Table of Contents
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