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Getting Creative with Copywriting: Strategies and Techniques in Direct Mail
Product Code: 9431
Publisher: DMA
Date of Publication: November 2007
ISBN Number: 1-931361-95-9

List Price: $240.00
DMA Member Price: $135.00

Getting Creative with Copywriting

How do you make sure your copywriting packs in a punch?

This in-depth report is the second in the series following the popular Getting Creative with Direct Mail. Now learn how to make the words on your creative direct mail piece truly sing and reach your customers when you read Getting Creative with Copywriting, a report that focuses solely on copywriting techniques and strategies being employed today.

This new piece of research is your definitive source for answers on creative copywriting. Find out what’s working and how you can improve your current copy to make it more effective. Ensure that your direct mail pieces break through the clutter and reach the hands, eyes, and minds of your target customer.

This edition features a foreword from direct marketing veteran, award-winner, and author Donna Baier Stein. Ms. Baier Stein has been in the direct marketing field for over 27 years, and leads DMA seminars such as Copywriting Tools & Techniques Online Seminar and Advanced Copywriting Seminar: The Fine Points of Writing. As a true expert and trailblazer on copywriting, we are proud to have her support and to present this special feature.

Getting Creative with Copywriting is broken out into four sections each focusing on a different facet of creative copywriting:

  • Section I discusses general mailing and testing practices performed by respondents and where the copywriters gather their information
  • Section II analyzes nine specific letter and envelope components that include personalization, letter page lengths, P.S., and more
  • Section III evaluates letter motivators and tones
  • Section IV examines visual enhancers such as formatting for emphasis and location of images

In many cases, for each of these sections, data is broken down even further by segments commonly seen in direct marketing such as direct marketing segments (marketers, agencies, and suppliers), market (b-to-b and b-to-c), and marketer categories (products, services, fundraising). Also included are less commonly seen, but highly useful break downs, such as: expertise level (beginner, intermediate, expert), letter purpose (acquisition and retention), testers versus non-testers, and number of pieces mailed (low, moderate, and heavy).

Weighed, measured, but NOT found wanting…

To help you gauge your own copywriting strategies and practices, chapters are analyzed by the three key metrics of effectiveness, usage, and testing. These ratings provide an important view of how marketers perceive each element or strategy’s impact on increasing response rates. Use this data to assess your own strategies, find ways to improve, and produce your best and most creative copy to generate even higher response rates.

Use both Getting Creative Reports to gain a 360-degree view of the effectiveness of direct mail; see what works and what doesn’t for both creative copy and the creative mail pieces it goes on.

Learn how to make your words jump right off the page and get your direct mail piece noticed when you use Getting Creative with Copywriting.

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Introduction and Table of Contents
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