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Web Analytics Report, 1st edition
Product Code: 9430

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If you’re looking to become a Web analytics expert, then look no further…

The DMA is excited to announce its first-ever report on Web analytics! DMA’s Web Analytics Report discusses the results of the DMA’s landmark survey on the popularity and effectiveness of different Web analytics approaches and metrics. If you think you’re already an expert, see how you stack up against the competition. If you’re looking to become an expert, there’s no better place to start!

The report’s key innovation is the use of the industry expert Dave Rhee of Ox2, known as Wandering Dave. Not only do we report the amount of usage and the effectiveness of each specific metric, we also provide you with Wandering Dave’s expertise on which actions need to be taken to maximize the effectiveness of Web analytics and to improve your direct marketing strategies and ROI.

The Web Analytics Report represents a broad array of respondents (both marketers and suppliers) who use web analytics differently, for different purposes and represent the diverse DM community: b-to-b companies, b-to-c companies, and companies of varying sizes and revenues.

For ease of reading, this report is divided into two sections:

  • Part 1 provides a comprehensive overview of Web analytics purposes, challenges, usage, and effectiveness in the field of direct marketing. It covers such specific aspects of direct marketing as using Web analytics to design and evaluate online and off-line marketing campaigns and increase channel integration
  • Part 2 focuses on how to use Web analytics specifically to increase conversions

How do you bring web visitors from click to conversion?

This is the burning question inside most marketers’ brains. DMA’s Web Analytics Report talks about the big picture current state of Web analytics and how it is being used by direct marketers while also discussing how Web analytics can be used to improve conversion rates. Discover what our respondents feel are the biggest challenges in Web analytics, how effective they believe these tools are, what metrics they track, and more. Read Wandering Dave’s commentary for insight on how to use all of this information and use Web analytics tools more effectively.

Web Analytics Report provides you with four major categories of information:

  • Popularity: The percentage of respondents who currently use a particular Web analytics practice and can rate its effectiveness a.k.a. How popular are Web analytics practices?
  • Effectiveness ratings: How marketers perceive each Web analytics tool and practice in terms of its impact on the overall ROI a.k.a. How is this affecting my bottom line?
  • Expertise: Information about the popularity and effectiveness segmented by respondents’ level of expertise (beginner, intermediate, expert) a.k.a. Who are we really asking?
  • Insights from the Expert: Dave Rhee (Wandering Dave) a Web analytics expert, gives commentary throughout the book to help interpret and decipher the data provided a.k.a. Lessons from the veteran direct marketer

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Introduction and Table of Contents
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