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Channel Integration and Benchmarks in the Retail Industry
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Walking the mall, surfing the net, or both…find out what works for the retail industry

As a retailer in today’s times, you know that your business has become about more than just stores. Whether you have brick-and-mortar shops, sell strictly through catalog or e-commerce, or run a multichannel integrated operation, this vital piece of research will help you understand what others in your industry are doing and benchmark your own practices.

Benchmarks and Channel Integration in the Retail Industry covers trends in:

  • Per channel expenditures and results
  • Integration of sales channels, direct marketing functions, and operations
  • Use of personal data for customer segmentation, acquisition, and retention

The information provided gives an extensive overview of the characteristics of companies that incorporate specific direct marketing strategies, the challenges they face when designing and launching marketing campaigns through different channels, and how multichannel integration is increasing overall.

Cash in on answers to these questions:

  • What is the most consistently used channel?
  • What do retailers find most challenging about a multichannel operation?
  • Which channel is producing the biggest proportion of revenue?
  • Are retailers tracking the effectiveness of their various promotions, whether print, in-store, or web?
  • What is the most popular way to collect customer data?
  • What are the best channel integration strategies?

Also explored are the popularity and effectiveness of loyalty programs, trackable promotions, response analyses, and targeting.

When it comes to cross channel purchasing and merchandising, benchmark your current processes against your competition in the following areas:

  • Availability of purchasing and merchandising across all channels
  • Acceptability of in-store returns and exchanges for online or catalog purchases
  • Processing of orders across all channels
  • Fulfillment of orders across all channels

Through this exceptional piece of research, you’ll discover the trends, challenges, and successes of running a multichannel campaign through direct mail, catalog, and Internet. You’ll find that this report gives “window shopping” a whole new meaning.

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Introduction and Table of Contents
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