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Direct Marketing Facts & Figures in the Nonprofit Industry
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Get Your Prospects into the Giving Mood

How does the nonprofit industry create truly profitable campaigns?

DMA is proud to introduce Direct Marketing Facts and Figures in the Nonprofit Industry, a relevant and important research product for the entire nonprofit community.

This extensive report focuses on the four distinct areas of the nonprofit sector: Charities and Membership Organizations; Education Services; Museums, Botanical Gardens, and Zoos; and Religious Organizations. These four areas are further analyzed by the following eight media channels:

  • Catalog
  • Direct mail
  • Insert media
  • Commercial email
  • Internet marketing
  • Print media (newspaper and magazines)
  • Broadcast media (DR Television an DR Radio)
  • Telephone marketing

To hone in even further on how direct marketing is used throughout the nonprofit industry, each chapter looks at three key areas: DM Advertising Expenditures, DM-Driven Sales, and DM-Driven employment, with each of these categories broken out by market and intent of offer. The market portion compares business and consumer markets; intent of offer compares retail purchase, lead generation, direct order, and fundraising.

Find out what’s happening now and what is projected over the next five years:

  • How are nonprofit expenditures expected to grow from 2007-2012? How are DM-driven sales expected to be effected?
  • What channels have the highest and lowest compound annual growth rate for advertising expenditures?
  • Which channel is expected to have a decline in DM-driven sales from 2007-2012?
  • Where do nonprofit sectors fall among the top ten industries by DM Advertising Expenditures?

Discover where the nonprofit industry ranks in the direct marketing community, see where it’s going, and benchmark yourself against your competition. Read Direct Marketing Facts and Figures in the Nonprofit Industry and start making your nonprofit campaigns more profitable today.

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Introduction and Table of Contents
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